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Switch Kit - Step 3 - Bill Pay

Change your Automatic Payment / Electronic Debits

We've made it easy by preparing a list of the most common types of automatic debits. You just need to complete a form for each automatic payment or go on-line to their web site to make the switch.

And, you can always just cancel the automatic payment and start paying your bills on-line with our "Better than Free" Bill Pay Service!

Here's How it Works - The process is easy. After you've signed on to CU@U Home Banking select the "Better than Free" Bill Pay link on the left panel. Before you set up your individual bill pay account, take the demo to see how easy it is. Then simply set up your payee list, which includes information on merchants or persons to whom you will be sending payments. Then, schedule your payments in advance for a specific date or use our "One-Time" payment feature to quickly make payments on the next possible withdrawal date or any date in the future. Once payments are submitted, you can easily check their status using our "Pending Payments" feature for payments that have not yet been processed, and "Payment History" for payments that have already been processed.

Features - Here are just a few:

  • Pay your bills without having to write a physical check
  • Set up automatic payments for recurring bills of the same amount, such as your mortgage
  • Set up payments to be made at different times for different amounts, such as utilities
  • Send money to almost any individual in the United States
  • Track all of your bills each month in one place
  • Save on postage and check ordering

Introductory Cash Rebate - simply registering for this free service and paying at least 3 different payees within the first 90 days, you will receive a $20 cash rebate from GSFCU just for taking a test drive!

The list of "Frequently Used Billing Companies" (Local Utilities, Insurance firms, Service Providers etc.) will get you on your way in canceling current automatic payments you currently have in place and in establishing your new automatic payments to your GSFCU checking or setting up your payees using CU@U - Internet Branch Bill Pay Service!

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